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To access the repositories below via a web browser, just click on the links.

Repository NameLogin(Read Only)
InsurrectionRSS Feed of activity in repository InsurrectionAtom Feed of activity in repository InsurrectionThe Insurrection Web Tools for Subversion.  This contains the official public Insurrection source code.  The Insurrection tools are used to run this server.
exampleRSS Feed of activity in repository exampleAtom Feed of activity in repository exampleAn example repository.  This also contains some test cases.

To access the repositories above via Subversion, browse to the location in the repository you want via your web browser and then use that URL with your favorite Subversion client.

Note:  You should normally not check out the whole repository from the root as it may contain many tags and/or branches.

[Valid Atom]
[Valid RSS]
Atom and RSS feeds are available for activity in a repository or sub-tree of a repository.  The Atom and RSS link buttons you will see while browsing the repositories will produce a feed for that part of the repository.

The Atom feed has been validated to conform to the Atom 1.0 IETF standard and RFC-4287.

The RSS feed has been validated to conform to the RSS 2.0 specification.

Both feeds support HTTP "Conditional GET" operation via the the HTTP ETag/If-None-Match headers to reduce bandwidth and system overhead when there are no new updates since the last download of the feed.  Most feed readers and browsers support this.  You can read more about it at this blog and in the HTTP specification.

Some resources that are located on this server.

The Insurrection Project The Insurrection project information page - the code that we developed for our service.
Browser Test Pages Some simple browser compatibility test pages for the Insurrection Web Tools.
Apache mod_rewrite Tests It seems that certain URL patterns do not get processed correctly within mod_rewrite in Apache 2.0.54
My Subversion Quick-Start Some introductory documentation about Subversion and the revision control rules and procedures that I follow.